armadillo removalIf you have an Armadillo problem, you need to act fast! Our trained technicians can safely and humanely trap armadillos from your yard and relocate them far from your property. Armadillo removal can be tough for the average DIYer; there are a few tricks of the trade for sure!  The armadillo is one heck of a landscape destroying critter!  Like a little bulldozer, it pushes topsoil around looking for an easy meal which is why mulched flower beds are so inviting!  When you need to know how to get rid of armadillos, look no further than the armadillo control experts, Wildlife Abatement, LLC.  The money you will lose in landscaping repairs and replacing plants, shrubs and flowers far exceeds what you will pay for armadillo trapping service.  We have been doing this successfully for years in Shreveport Bossier City and Benton and have numerous armadillo customers who know it is better to get rid of them than to live with them.  Armadillos can dig a den hole under your homes foundation and cause settling and cracking.  Don’t let armadillos breed,  multiply and gain a toehold on your property – call (318)553-3006 today for a solution to your armadillo problem.