Animals digging under the fence?

Sometimes it seems no matter what you do, how much money you just paid your Landscape Guy or how much “Wizz Bang Scare It All” magic potion from the local hardware store you’ve apply to your yard, something is going to dig under your fence or house foundation and do it’s best to destroy everything in its path!

You need Digging Barriers!

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The most cost-effective and permanent method of keeping animals from digging under a deck, porch, fence, building or foundation is the installation of Dig Defence Animal Control. Dig DeFence Animal Control is a permanent digging barrier which prevents digging animals such as armadillos and skunks from gaining access to the other side of the barrier. It will keep dogs in the yard and wildlife out.

Well Shreveport, there is finally a solution! A product developed especially for the purpose of keeping animals on their side of the fence (whether it be inside or outside).  This product can be used to keep your prized poodle in the confines of your Bossier City backyard as well as it will keep the wildlife, armadillo and skunk population out of yards in Benton or Keithville. This product is a one-time purchase designed as a permanent solution to the problem of animals digging under the fence or dogs digging under the fence versus paying someone to come in and trap the critters every year or two. Dig DeFence Animal Control, or DDAC for short, is made in the USA out of high quality 4 gauge galvanized US steel. Each Dig Defence Animal Control Commercial Grade unit measures 15” tall x 4’ wide & the space between the tines is 1 1/4″.  Properly installed, it prevents dogs, skunks, armadillos, opossums, raccoons, porcupines, foxes, groundhogs and other animals or wildlife from digging under the area it is protecting. DDAC is a great solution for all those open spaces in Haughton accessed by unwanted wildlife visitors. There are three different models available depending on the application and desired results. Let’s face it, it takes less protection to keep a small dog inside a fenced-in area than it does to keep an armadillo out of that same fenced-in area.  The Commercial Grade unit does it all, but if you only need a little protection for Fifi or Fido, we can pick the DDAC product that is suitable for your needs.

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