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How to get bats out of the House

Is it safe to live in a house that has bats? Mississippi Health department officials say it’s never safe to co-exist in a building with bats.  The biggest problem with bats in any living structure is always the threat of rabies and histoplasmosis not to mention the awful smell of bat guano! Do bats bite? Yes, they can and if you get bitten or you even think they might have bitten you, an infant or elderly person, the safe thing to do is consult with your county health department.  If you can, put the bat in a can or box and take it to the health department with you.  Having the suspect bat is the only way to determine if that bat is rabid.  On a positive note, less than 3% of bats are rabid so the odds of contracting rabies from a bat in Mississippi are really low.  Most professional bat control and removal companies in the Jackson MS Metro area have their technicians undergo a pre-exposure rabies vaccination just to be on the safe side.  We do not encourage people to handle bats but they can be removed from an area fairly easily and safely.  If you want the bats gone and aren’t up to the task, we can take care of that for you.  With years of experience under our belt, we know what to look for and what has to be done to get the bats out and keep bats from returning.

What does a bat bite look like? 

What do bats look like? Bat teeth, What does a bat bite look like? do bats bite?

If you ever had a question about a bat’s ability to bite, here you are. Those teeth are needle sharp and really tiny. Bats will not typically come after people, we are too big to eat. You might get one to swoop down toward you but really, it is just looking for a meal that is much smaller.

Bat bites are so small you might not even be able to see it.  This is why it is such a dangerous situation for infants and the elderly when a bat or bats have been found in a house or bedroom with them.  They are not able to tell you if they have been bitten.  Its even difficult for the average person to tell if they have been bitten.  How big is a bat bite?  It is very hard to even know if you were ever even bit by a bat because of their size and if you slept in a room where a live bat was found please contact your local health department for guidance and possible exposure to bat rabies. What if a bat bites me?  Your safest bet is to go see a doctor; the bite marks are so small you may miss it but don’t let the bite size fool you Bat Rabies is BAD NEWS!  Do bats carry rabies? Do bats carry the West Nile Virus? Bats with Rabies and West Nile virus were confirmed by the CDC in Texarkana in September 2012.  See the link to the article at the bottom of the page. There is frequent bat rabies testing in Arkansas which confirm the presence of bat rabies but the percentage is still relatively low.

How would I know if bats are in my house? 

You might hear bats scurrying behind your walls or in your soffit under the roof. You could have found a single bat inside your home in Vicksburg or Clinton MS and aren’t sure how it got there.  Maybe you notice the smell of guano or some strange odor in your home.  Some of my clients actually thought they had mice in the walls but they trapped for mice and never caught any.  You might see bats flying around your home at night in search of insects such as mosquitoes.  Don’t freak out!  Having bats on your property in Madison or Ridgeland is not a bad thing.  However if you see small droppings on your patio or stuck to the outside walls of your home, you likely have a bat problem and might want to call in a professional bat removal company to perform an inspection of your home and evaluate the situation. I though bat inspection can reveal a lot about your home and give you and piece of mind knowing its condition.

Where do bats live in a house?  Bats can live behind shutters, inside walls, behind brick walls, in the attic, in porch columns, behind the chimney, inside the chimney or under patio umbrellas.  Really, bats can live anywhere they can find a void that is the right temperature and has adequate ventilation to meet their needs. Wherever they live, they will poop and pee.  The bat guano and urine is going to accumulate and start to seep out of cracks and collect on the low spots of their roost.  Bat guano and urine can ruin a structure, break down wood fibers and saturate the structure with odors that are nearly impossible to remove! Guano can accumulate in areas that would require the structure be disassembled in order to remove it.  I’ve seen a large house in the Woodville Centreville area that is likely totaled from the damage bats have caused.  The cost to get the bats out of the house, bat-proof the structure, clean up the guano and repair the damage is likely going to be over $60,000.  When you first discover that bats are living in your house, Act Fast!

Where can bats be hiding inside a house? The short answer is “Anywhere”!  Here are some examples of where bats can be found: under sofa cushions in Richland, in the trash can, drinking water from a pets water bowl or the toilet in Pelahatchie Bay.  Brazilian Free behind curtains in Beechwood, inside recessed lighting fixtures in Bovina and even inside window and sliding door tracks in Edwards.  They can also hide inside the fins of an oil-filled heater in Bolton, inside a hat in Raymond MS, in a bed in Clinton, under the bed in Jackson, under the bed sheets in Ridgeland, in a shoe in Madison or in a shoe box in Brandon, between couch cushions in Richland or be hanging on shower curtains in Flowood.  They could be found in a wig in Pearl Mississippi, inside the garbage disposal in Byram, inside a toilet paper roll in Florence, on the window in Whitfield, on a wall in Sand Hill, behind framed pictures at a home in The Mound at Lost Rabbit or behind posters at a home in Point Clear along the Natchez Trace Parkway. They have been seen on a wall in a home in North shore and inside a towel in the Fannin Landing Area.  As you can see, a bat can hide most anywhere inside your home!

How many bats could be in my house?

Bat Entry and Exit Points

These dirty rub marks from years of bat habitation in this home. Bats have passed through these openings Thousands of times leaving behind the oil and dirt from their fur. This usually provides a way to locate the bats entry and exit points in the house. If allowed the remain in the house, the bats will eventually render the house uninhabitable due to the bat guano and bat urine accumulations. The odors will become unbearable to the resident and possibly even unhealthy.

Depending on the size of the void and the length of time they have been allowed to live in your home, you could easily have over 200 bats living in your house.  Think about this; if 100 bats go in your house as a maternity colony then chances are really good 200-300 bats will be there when they all give birth in May, June or July (depending on the bat species).  If you waited too long to have the bats removed or didn’t discover the colony until after the pups were born, now you will likely have to wait until after the pups can fly on their own.  This “Maternity Period” gives the bats a chance for the Maternity Colony to raise their young and be able to relocate them to a new roost when we remove them from your home.  However, you might have a Bachelor Colony which is all males so the Maternity Period does not apply to them.

What kind of bats do we have in Mississippi?

 There are several different species that live in MS including the Silver-Haired Bat, Eastern Red Bat, Hoary Bat, Northern Yellow Bat, Seminole Bat, Southeastern Bat, Northern Long-Eared Bat, Indiana Bat, Eastern Pipistrelle Bat and Rafinesque’s Big-Eared Bat, but we are only going to be dealing with the bats that live in buildings.  The Big Brown Bat (can have twins), Little Brown Bat, Evening Bat (can have twins) and the Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat (also known as the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat).  The Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat is the species which occupies Bracken Cave near San Antonio TX.  It is estimated that 20,000,000 bats occupy that cave and is said to be the largest concentration on mammals in the World!

Will a bat house make bats move out of my house?

Bat houses offer bats an alternate place to hang out.  Bats will have more than one roost so they can go out to feed and have a secondary place to rest for a while.  Offering bats that secondary roosting spot significantly increases the odds that bats will use that spot.  However, the bat house has to be constructed properly and placed in your yard in the proper height and location.  If the height is wrong or the placement doesn’t have proper exposure to the sun you will not attract bats.  All that being said, please do not assume that if you place a bat box in your yard that you are going to get bats to move out of your home.  It’s not very likely.  If I put a refrigerator box in your front yard are you going to move out of your house and into it?

 Where can I get a good bat house? 

Bat House or Bat Box plans are available online.  We prefer the Rocket-box design over all others but a big box with three or more chambers should be fine regardless of the design.  Avoid the small shoe box-sized bat boxes.  If it looks more like a bird house, it probably isn’t going to work too well.

How many bats could be living in my attic?

Sometimes many learn they have bats in their home when they see one flying out of their house and they discovered bats exiting from the eave on the west side.  One bat after another came out.  They gave up counting at 200 bats as more bats continued to fly out.  “They say bats are like mice, if you see one there are probably many more”.  If you find that bats are living in your attic in Fondren MS, you should act quickly!  You can Call Us any time for a consultation.  We are prepped and ready to provide emergency bat removal.  We will get you fast relief from your bat removal problem.  No matter if you have one bat or thousands of bats, we are here to help you and put an end to the nightmare of having bats in your home!  Bat problems Do Not go away by themselves!  Call for Mississippi Advanced Bat Control (318)553-3006

How to get rid of bats in my house?

Bat removal from a porch column on the lake

Bats were removed from a column under a porch at this house on the lake. Bats had taken over two columns but we were able to convince them to move elsewhere. The entire was sealed up to prevent them from moving in there. Any house is susceptible to getting bats but those around water are primary targets. Proper bat-proofing is the key to keeping them out and preventing them from ruining your valuable home!

Wildlife Abatement, LLC provides Mississippi Advanced Bat Control!  Call us at (318)553-3006!  We know how to get the bats out of your home and keep them out and we promise you that in a written guarantee. Are bats killed in my attic? NO, bats leave your attic through bat excluders, one way valves we install at key entrance points in your attic.  When we are sure all the bats are out of your attic, we properly seal up your attic to prevent a bat reinfestation.  Are bats captured and released? No, unless we need to obtain a sample to evaluate for rabies or white nose syndrome the bats are simply not allowed to return to your home.  Bats migrate so it wouldn’t do any good to drive them down the road and release them.

How do I know the bats will not return to my house?

They will try but we will have your house sealed up before they attempt to come back in your attic. We use the latest and most humane methods of Live Bat Removal and bat exclusion to seal up any and all potential bat entry and bat exits points to your home.  We get the bats out, seal up your home and guarantee all of our bat removal work.  Do bats chew back in?  No, bats take advantage of an existing gap, crack, gap or hole. They will push materials aside or claw their way through on an improperly installed exclusion.  If an exclusion is performed the right way, they can not get back in.  Bats do not chew to a point where they can break through a home which has been properly excluded for them.

Are bats captured and killed or relocated?

All bats are released alive unless we need a sample to provide for disease testing.  We normally do not even trap they bats but simply exclude them from your home and not allow them back in. They can fly to alternate roosting sites and not be adversely affected by the exclusion.  Please call (318)553-3006 and inquire about our bat inspection, bat exclusion and bat control services.

 Do ultrasonic sound devices repel bats? Do moth balls repel bats?

Don’t be fooled by false claims of bat repellents and moth balls as far as being able to repel bats or their usefulness in bat control!  Bats have been seen roosting on the very devices that were purchased to repel them!  Bats emit ultrasonic sounds so why would they be repelled from it? They do not get rid of bats; they are worthless for bat control! Mothballs just make your house stink and unsafe!  Concerned about bats & rabies? We have a link to the CDC’s page on bats at the end of this page.

Emergency Bat Removal From your Home or Attic

We are available and ready for bat control or to remove any bats from the living space of your home.  Our emergency response trailer is packed and ready to roll out to any bat job within Arkansas at a moments notice.  We will also do a thorough inspection of your home and attic and determine if it’s a stray bat from outside or if there are bats in the attic.  Kick them out and give them a Bat House of their very own.  It is a Win-Win situation for you and the bats!

How is bat guano removed? 

Bat guano removal can be a long, hot and tedious job which is best performed by properly suited Bat control and Removal Specialist wearing Personal Protective Equipment.  The hazards associated with bat guano far outweigh you trying to do it yourself.  Bat guano diseases, histoplasmosis a sometimes fatal lung disease and bat bugs are part of the problem but our customers most often complain of the Smell associated with Bat Guano.  Imagine living inside a chicken coop on a hot August day.  That’s how bad your lovely home can smell if bats are left to rule the roost; kick them out before it is too late.  Are you convinced you need bat control yet? Call us today to GET THE BATS OUT OF YOUR HOME!

(318)553-3006 to end your bat problems today!


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English: Lake Hamilton, Hot Springs, AR

English: Lake Hamilton, Hot Springs, AR (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We remove bats and bat guano from houses and business in and around  If you have bats in the attic or a bad smell from bat guano you need to act now!  We are not a bat exterminator and we don’t trap bats.  Bats are protected and must not be killed in the process of removal. Bat control is performed with special exclusion devices which allow them to leave but not return.  When the bats are all gone we seal up the existing holes and put an end to the problem.  Bat guano is removed using HEPA vacuum and is double-bagged and disposed of. Deterrents and repellents such as mothballs do not work and create a health hazard for the occupants of the house.  We get the bats out and seal up your home. Call us at (318)553-3006 for bat removal, bat guano removal and seal up homes to prevent future infestations! We also serve Vicksburg, Beechwood, Natchez, Bovina, Edwards, Bolton, Raymond, Clinton, Jackson, Ridgeland, Madison, Brandon, Richland, Flowood, Pearl, Byram, Florance and Whitfield.  We perform bat control in all areas around the Ross Barnett Reservoir, Sand Hill, areas along the Natchez Trace Parkway, communities such as The Mound at Lost Rabbit, Point Clear, Pelahatchie Bay, Northshore, North Shore, Fannin Landing and Fondren as well as Natchez, Woodville and Centreville MS!


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CDC article on BATS:  http://www.cdc.gov/features/bats/

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