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We Build Bat Houses

We offer Custom built bat houses specially designed to give the bats a cozy and safe place to stay.  Are you looking for a place to buy a bat house? How about having us custom build a bat house for you? The design we use is tried and proven! Once you understand how bats react to different temperatures and airflow, this design just makes sense. Bats really do eat a lot of mosquitoes and the cost of a custom-built bat house is less expensive and safer than having your property treated for mosquitoes over the long-term. We design, build, install and maintain Bat Houses. Inviting Bats and attracting Bats to your property with a bat house is a great method of controlling mosquitoes!

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English: Another view of Lake Bistineau near Doyline, LA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Install a Bat House?

Why would you want to install a Bat house? Because Bats Reduce Mosquitos!  Bats are Nature’s own Mosquito Control Service right in your back yard! Are bats attracted to water? Bats and water go hand-in-hand because of the increased mosquito population and availability of an endless food source for the bats.  You don’t have to live near a large body of water to have bats in your area.  Many of our customers report frequent visits to their swimming pools by bats.

Bats are Eco-Friendly

Nature’s Own Integrated Pest Management Team!   Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control plans should include BAT HOUSES! You can get hundreds of bats in a custom-built bat house! Bats can eat a very large amount of mosquitos in a single night which can certainly cut down on the mosquito population, but to aid in your enjoyment of your property in the evening, properly built and installed bat houses may attract bats to your yard and help in reducing the mosquito population.  We can build and install a bat house for you so you can take advantage of the cooler part of the day and wind down on the porch without being bothered by buzzing mosquitos or having to worry so much about contracting the West Nile Virus from a mosquito bite.

A Better Bat House Design

Proper design and installation is the KEY!  Having a box with a slit in the bottom and nailed to a tree is just not going to get the job done.  We use only tried and proven designs and conduct a site survey to determine the best suitable location for your bat house.  Our bat houses are designed to last for many years and require very little maintenance.  Bats rely heavily on accessibility, safety and regulation of temperature.  If you have a design which denies either, you will not have bats living in your bat house.  A flowerbed underneath an occupied bat house will thrive and enjoy some of the richest fertilizer available.  Consider the long-term benefits of having bats in your yard.

Move the bats out of your house

and into a house they can call their own!


We also offer Emergency Removal of Bats and Bat Control

Do you have a bat in your home or bats in the attic?  Need to know what to do with a bat in the house?  We are available 24/7; ready and on-call for bat removal or to remove any bats from the living space of your home.  We will also do a thorough inspection of your home and attic and determine if it’s a stray bat from outside or if you have bats in the attic.

Kick them out of your house and into a bat home of their very own.  It is a Win-Win situation for you and the bats.  How to remove bat guano you ask?  Bat Guano removal can be a long, hot and tedious job which is best performed by properly suited professionals wearing Personal Protective Equipment The hazards associated with bat guano far outweigh you trying to do it yourself.  Bat guano diseases, bat bugs, fleas and ticks are part of the problem but our customers most often complain of the smell associated with bat guano.

What does bat guano smell like?

Imagine living inside a chicken coop on a hot August day.  That’s how bad your lovely home can smell if bats are left to rule the roost!  We have an Emergency Response Trailer specifically outfitted for Advanced Bat Control, Bat Removal, Bat Exclusion, Bat Guano Removal and Bat Guano Cleanup .

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We remove bats and bat guano from attics and install bat houses statewide in Louisiana including Shreveport LA, Bossier City LA, Barksdale Air Force Base LA, Benton LA, Coushatta LA, Natchitoches LA, Ruston LA, Monroe LA, Many LA, Zwolle LA, Alexandria LA, Farmerville LA, Tallulah LA, Ferriday LA, Waterproof LA, Winnsboro LA, Haughton LA, Minden LA, Keithville LA, Greenwood LA, Stonewall LA, , Blanchard LA, Doyline LA, Oakland LA, Princeton LA, Bat House sales in Benton LA, Coushatta LA, Natchitoches LA, Ruston LA, Monroe LA, Many LA, Zwolle LA, Bat house installation in Alexandria LA, Farmerville, Tallulah LA, Logansport LA and Leesville LA.   Bat removal Baton Rouge LA, Lafayette LA, Lake Charles LA, Vidalia LA, St Joseph LA, Delta LA, Lake Pontchartrain, Bat control in Toledo Bend, Cross Lake, Caddo Lake, Lake Bistineau, Lake Providence, Lake Bruin, Lake Concordia, Lake St John, Lake Saint John,   Texarkana AR, Russellville AR, bat guano cleanup in Mountain View AR, bat guano removal in Mountain View AR, bat removal in Hot Springs AR, Marvern AR, Little Rock Arkansas, Little Rock AR, Lake Ouachita, bat removal on Lake Hamilton, Lake Catherine, Lake Greeson, DeGray Lake.  Dallas TX, Center TX, Center Texas, DFW, bat removal in Dallas Texas, Bat control in Dallas TX, Texarkana TX, Wright Patman Lake, Mt Pleasant, Lufkin TX, Lake Sam Rayburn, Nacogdoches TX, Marshall TX, Tyler TX, Flint TX, Lake Palestine, Lake Tyler Longview TX, Lake Cherokee, Martin Lake, Carthage TX, Dixie Lake, Lake Murvaul, Lake O’ the Pines, Lake Monticello, Lake Bob Sandin, Lake Cypress Springs, Bat house installation in Vicksburg Mississippi, bat control in Vicksburg MS, Pearl MS, Jackson MS, Brandon MS, bat removal in Natchez MS, bat removal in Tunica MS, Bat control in Tunica MS, and around bodies of water such as the Tensas River, Ouachita River, Caney Lake, Murray Lake, Lake Bruin, Yucatan Lake, Lake Saint Joseph, Lake Providence, Gassoway Lake, Corney Lake, Sibley Lake, Caddo Lake, Cypress Bayou Reservoir, Caddo Lake, Black Bayou Lake, Wall Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Phillips Lake, Cross Lake, Flag Lake, Lake Bistineau, Wallace Lake, Kepler Creek Lake, Mill Creek Reservoir, Claiborne Lake, Lake Claiborne, Lake Chicot, Bayou la Nana, Bayou San Miquel, Bussy Brake, Bayou de Siard, Bayou D’Arbonne Lake,  Lake D’Arbonne, Caney Lakes, Cheniere Lake, Beard Lake, Hatley Lake, Jim Nolen Brake, Finch Lake, Catahoula Lake, Turkey Creek Lake, Lake Iatt, Billy, Nantachie Lake, Black Lake, Clear Lake, Cheechee Bay, Saline Lake, Nantachie Lake, Woolen Lake, Lake Rodemacher, Cotile Lake, Williams Lake, Kincaid Reservoir, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Chathum Lake, Caney Creek Reservoir, Lake Maurepas, Lake Pontchartrain, Sabine Lake, Calcasieu Lake, Grand Lake, White Lake, Fish Lake, Grand Lake, Lake Salvador, Lake Borgne, Pearl River, Red River, Fletchers Lake, Lake St John, Larto Lake, Cocodrie Lake, Lake Louis, Lake Saint John, Lake Concordia, Mississippi Lakes, Ross Barnet Reservoir, Vicksburg MS, Brandon MS, Madison MS, Ridgeland MS. Arkansas Lakes, Hot Spring AR, Hope Arkansas, Hope AR, Little Rock AR, Texarkana AR. Texas Lakes, Dallas TX, Longview Texas, Longview TX, Marshall TX, Tyler TX.  

 We get the bats out of your attic, seal up your home and install a bat house on your property.

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