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Digging Barriers

If you have a Dog that digs under the fence, a dog that just won’t stay in the yard or just want to keep the wildlife out of your yard including armadillo, rabbit, skunk, coyote, opossum, fox, feral dogs or whatever from digging under your deck, porch, foundation or driveway, I have a permanent solution to your problem.  Install a digging barrier!

So what the heck is a Digging Barrier?

Armadillos do not climb so they can easily be eradicated from a Shreveport Bossier City yard which is fenced in by installing a digging barrier called Dig DeFence Animal Control Commercial Grade under the existing fence.  This is a permanent solution which will prevent the armadillo or any other digging animal from digging under your Minden or Benton Louisiana fence and will keep it out of your yard (or in the case of the family dog, we can keep it in the fenced in yard).  In that case we will refer to it as a dog digging barrier or anti digging barrier.  DDAC is constructed of 4 gauge galvanized US steel and made right here in the USA.  A panel of it is 4′ wide, 15″ tall with tines spaced at 1.25″.  The tines are driven into the ground and literally extend your fence’s protection below the ground.

Stops digging permanently!

Just think about it for a second; I am offering you an END to your Haughton LA armadillo, Elm Grove skunk and Shreveport digging dog problems here with a digging barrier.  No more loose dogs in Bossier City after they have dug under the fence, AGAIN.  No more trapping the skunk that dug under your shed, AGAIN.  No more wildlife invasions under the fence and no more dogs or pet pot belly pigs getting out of the yard. (yes, people have pot belly pigs in their back yard)  No more… you get the idea, right?  Especially no more having to pay Shreveport Animal Control,  Bossier Parish Animal Control or Caddo Parish Animal Control to get Fido out of the pound!

No more armadillo control, armadillo removal, armadillo relocation or armadillos digging in your flowerbeds!  The solution puts an end to your problems!  Did I mention it looks great too?  Check out the photos below!

Multi-use product!

This product can also be used to repair holes in fences, close gaps between the gate and the house or between the fence and the house.  It can be used to decrease erosion on hillsides and protect driveways, roads and runways from burrowing animal damage.


For a demonstration Call 318-553-3006

digging holes under the porch, digging holes under the fence

This is a “before” photo of a porch opossum and armadillo were using for shelter

DDAC, digging barrier under a porch, DDAC under a fence

This is the “after” photo of Dig DeFence Animal Control Commercial Grade being used to exclude wildlife from digging under this porch.

Digging barrier installation, holes under porch, holes under fence

This is the “after” photo of a Dig DeFence Animal Control Commercial Grade installation under a porch that had wildlife living under it. Problems Solved!




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