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Rodent Pest Control – Need a Squirrel Exterminator? 


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We offer Poison-Free Environmentally Friendly Rodent Control,  Eco-friendly rodent trapping is an alternative to poisons.  This method eliminates the possibility of having a rat, squirrel or mouse eat poison and die in your attic or wall.  Dead animal removal is not something that most people want to experience!  When rat or mouse poison is used to control rodents, the possibility of them dying inside your house is real!  Why take the chance?  The money you will save up front by using poison is more than lost when you have to pay to have a dead animal located and removed.  More than likely you will end up with holes in your walls which were used to locate the dead vermin.  

Do squirrels and rats chew electrical wires? 

YES, you’d better believe it! If you think I’m blowing smoke, you’d better call the Fire Department. If you have a noise in the attic or know you have squirrels or rats in the attic, you need to act FAST!  Wildlife or Rodents have likely already been in the attic for two weeks before feeling comfortable enough to let themselves be heard. Now they are ready to make a nest and breed, multiplying the problem you already have. If I had a scratching noise in my attic or heard something running around in the attic, you better believe I’d act quickly! I’d figure out how they got in and trap them out! Squirrels and Rats will chew their way in unless they can find an existing opening.  After the rodents have been removed from your home, we offer animal proofing services to prevent reentry at that location.

Rodent Exclusion Experts!

As the seasons change, so do the types of animal calls we receive.  Lately we have been responding to calls for honeybees in the house, gray squirrels in the attic, flying squirrels in the attic and noises in the attic.  Noises in the attic is the most common complaint when the homeowner isn’t sure what’s making the noise; they just want the noise to stop so they can finally get some sleep at night.  You would be surprised just how difficult it can be to locate some of the critter’s access holes. Sure, sometimes you can spot them from the road driving by the house at 30 MPH, but it seems most rats and mice have other ideas and like to be a little more subtle about where they chew into your home.  That’s when you have to get a little dirty and crawl around a bit looking for evidence. Simply baiting the rats and mice or trapping the rats and mice will only provide temporary relief from the rodent problem.  For a long-term solution, you need to have the access holes located and sealed up.  We are Squirrel Exclusion Experts and can guarantee no squirrel will penetrate the barriers we install. Do yourself a favor and just give us a call when you hear those noises in the attic and we will make them go away.  Call 318-553-3006


If you are in the St Louis MO area and require Squirrel Removal, visit Michael Beran’s Squirrel Removal Page.




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