Wildlife, Rodents and Insects are Moving In!


Hole behind the siding used by rats, mice and roaches to gain access to the house. Thirteen Rats were living in the attic

Not Three Blind Mice but 13 Roof Rats were using this hole and a few other entrances like it to gain access to the attic of this home. The entrances were sealed with heavy gauge sheet metal and we provided a guarantee that no rodent could breach that barrier! The Rats were trapped and removed so this homeowner had No Dead Rats in her attic. She did not have to live with the smell of a dead animal in the walls.

As the seasons change, so do the types of animal calls, wildlife complaints and pest control problems we receive in the Shreveport Bossier City LA Metropolitan Area and Natchitoches Metro Area.   Squirrels, Honeybees, Bats, Rats and Roaches are a big problem for home and business-owners this time of year.  Wildlife, pest and insects of all types have targeted your house to be their next “Home Sweet Home”.  Lately we have been responding to calls for honeybees in the house, gray squirrels in the walls, flying squirrels in the attic, rats in the attic, mice in the house, roaches in the house and noises in the attic at night.  Noises in the attic is the most common complaint when the homeowner isn’t sure what’s making the noise; they just want the noise to stop so they can finally get some sleep at night.  We get the call after they have thrown mothballs in the attic, played loud Rock and Roll music from a radio in the attic, put can after can of Bug Bombs in their home and finally given up on DIY pest control.   You would be surprised just how difficult it can be to locate some of the critter’s access holes.  At times the point of entry is closed behind them when they enter your home.  Locating the hole can involve quite a bit of investigation!  Sure, sometimes you can spot them from the road driving by the house at 30 MPH, but it seems most rats and mice have other ideas and like to be a little more subtle about where they chew into your home.  That’s when we have to get a little dirty and crawl around a bit looking for evidence. Simply baiting or trapping the rats and mice will only provide temporary relief from the rodent problem.  For a long-term solution, you need to have the access holes located and sealed up.  We are Rodent Exclusion specialist and can guarantee no Rat will penetrate the barriers we install. Do yourself a favor, if you are in the Shreveport Bossier City Metropolitan Area, or Natchitoches, just give us a call when you hear those noises in the attic and we will make them go away. 318-553-3006

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