What is that scratching sound in the attic?

Its Time To Call The Squirrel Trapper

Well, It’s that time of year again! As the seasons change and the temperature drops, the local Shreveport gray squirrel and Bossier City flying squirrel population is looking for a nice warm and cozy attic to call its home and have its babies. It doesn’t matter if your Benton home is 1 month old or 110 years old; squirrels seem to have no boundaries or preferences; yellow, brown, or pink insulation, blown-in or batt rolled insulation is all good for making a squirrel nest. If they don’t like the insulation you have in your attic, they might even import some from your neighbor’s attic and bring it to yours! NO KIDDING! They have sharp teeth and can chew through a soffit or fascia board in short order and set up housekeeping. Soon afterward you might hear them running around and checking things out in your attic. Sometimes they get a little too crazy and fall down inside the wall voids in-between the wall studs; that’s when things get interesting in Keithville!  The smells squirrels leave in an attic can attract other squirrels to your home, but the smell of a dead squirrel in your walls is enough to drive you out of Haughton!

How do squirrels get in the attic?

Common mistakes found in modern home construction usually allow the squirrels inside with very little resistance.  Soffit returns into the roof line, condensation gaps between roof sheathing and a fascia board and rotten fascia boards are all weak spots which can easily be compromised by squirrels that want in your attic.  However, squirrels can make their own holes in perfectly intact wood if the really want in.  Various techniques and materials are used to keep squirrels out of your attic so you need a trained set of eyes to evaluate your home, find the holes, gaps and openings the squirrels are using to enter your attic and perform the necessary repairs.


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These squirrels found their way into the walls through an opening in the soffit. They had chewed down into the wall and were working on chewing into the client’s bedroom when we put an end to the madness. Imagine how hard it was trying to sleep at night when the squirrel nest was three feet from her head! The squirrels and nest was removed and everything was put back together and repaired.


There are solutions to the problem! To get a site evaluation and estimate, please call:

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