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From Leslie

Rob did an excellent job in a short amount of time. If you’ve got a wildlife or insect problem, you need to call this man. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and even available on weekends. I’m a very satisfied customer!

(Honey Bee Removal, Honey Bee Control, Honey Bee Cutout from inside a wall, Hive Removal, After Hours Service)

From Evelyn & Larry

Rob, Thank you. Larry and I appreciate your expertise in capturing the armadillo.  We certainly would recommend your company to trap nuisance wildlife.  I grew up in Tensas Parish where wildlife abounds and I never experienced an armadillo living under my house. It’s a good feeling now to know my yard no longer looks like a plowed field. lol

(Armadillo Removal, Armadillo Control, Armadillo Trapping, Armadillo Trapper, Armadioo in the Flowerbed, Armadillo living under the house)

From Deborah

I would recommend Wildlife Abatement for any wild animal removal. Rob McKay came to my house when my dog was sprayed by a skunk at 11 pm on a Friday night. He was able to set traps and neutralize the odor in my home as well as in the backyard. He continued to place fresh bait and checked on the traps every day, going above and beyond the call of duty, he also repaired my fence so the varmint couldn’t trespass anymore.

(Skunk Removal, Skunk Control, Dog Sprayed by a Skunk, Skunk Trapping, Odor Control, Odor Removal)

From Lou

Yup…I recommend Rob. He doesn’t stop, til he finds and finishes off the problem. Thanks, Rob.

(Bird Removal, Bird Control, Birds in a Drier Vent, Bird Nest Removal)

From Beth 

I definitely recommend Rob…he understood both my fear of these creatures, yet my sympathy for them. He was here all day Easter Sunday working on getting them out,when no one else would return my calls!…and made an extra trip late at night, when the sound of the baby not being able to be fed was more than me or my family could bear!! He stayed on the job until it was done, and completed it in the most humane way possible, he was dealing with a very smart mama coon!

(Raccoon Removal, Raccoon Control, Raccoons in the Chimney, Raccoon Babies in a Chimney, Raccoon Trapper, After Hours Service)

From Carol

Alleluia!  Many thanks to the ONLY one who could get rid of the bats in the attic.  No more funky smell..yay!!  Worth every single cent.  So knowledgeable and friendly too.  Thanks again!

(Bat Control, Bat Removal, Bat Exclusion, House Seal Up, Bat Guano Removal, Bat Odor Control, Bat Odor Removal, Bats in the Wall, Bats in the Attic)

From Mammie

Thank u . . . you are just plain awesome . . . just when I started believing that customer service was a lost quality . . . you proved me wrong!

(Raccoon Removal, Raccoon Control, Baby Raccoon Exclusion, Raccoon Trapper, Trapping Raccoons, Chimney Cap Installation, Raccoons in Chimney)

From Amie

There seems to be no activity in the wall.  Seems to be cleaned out.  You did an amazing job. You are awesome!

(Honeybee Removal, Honey bee Cutout, Hive Removal, Honey Bees in the Bedroom Walls, Honey Comb Removal, Live Honey Bee Removal)

From M. Farley

You r definitely one of the many blessings that I am thankful for this year. …..would not have made it thru the raccoon saga without ya!

(Raccoon Removal, Raccoon Control, Trapping Raccoons, Raccoon Trapper)

From Sarah

Thank you for taking care of it for me!…I really appreciate all you did.

(Rat Removal, Rat Control, Rat Exclusion, House Seal Up, Rodent Removal, Poison-Free Rodent Control, Pest Control Services, Vent Screen Replacement)

From Ashley

…came to the rescue… removed those bees and stayed until they were virtually gone that man is a life saver…

(Honey Bees Removal, Honeybee Removal, Honey Bee Swarm Removal, Honeybee swarm trap, Honey Bee Swarm Safety, Honey Bee Swarm capture, Relocating Honey Bees)




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