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Wildlife Removal  Service

Wildlife Abatement, LLC provides Wildlife Control and Honey Bee Removal for the Northwest region of Louisiana and is based in the Shreveport Bossier City Metropolitan Area.  We remove bats from houses, remove bat guano from attics and perform Bat Exclusion Services Statewide in Louisiana. We are licensed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators.  Wildlife Abatement, LLC is one of the very few companies in the Shreveport Bossier City area which is LEGALLY AUTHORIZED by the State of Louisiana to get rid of bats, trap squirrels, remove honeybees, perform live honey bee removal and provide armadillo control.  We are also authorized to remove skunks, trap raccoons, remove snakes, trap opossum, moles, voles, gophers, beaver, nutria, “possum”, turtles and almost all other wild animals Louisiana has to offer.

One Call Does it All for Everything Wild

Other Wildlife Control Services we provide include install digging barriers such as Dig Defence Animal Control, perform Bird Abatement, remove dead birds and bird poop from buildings, remove pigeons from roof tops and ledges on buildings like store fronts and casinos and factories and steel structures such as support beams in a paper mill. We also install bird barriers  (bird spikes, bird netting, shock tape and bird slope).  We are one of the very few companies in this area that perform live honeybee removal, honeybee hive cut-out from houses and dead animal removal.

Need to know How to Get rid of Bats? 

We offer Bat Control Services and Bat Removal and Prevention for Shreveport, Bossier City and most of Northwest Louisiana including our customers in Tallulah, St Joseph, Lake Bruin and Lake Providence.  If you need Bat Removal, have a bat guano problem, or bat odors, we are one phone call away and can usually respond the same day to take care of your bat infestation!  If you need bee control, honeybee control, are looking for how to get rid of bees without a pest exterminator, please pick up the phone and give us a call.  Looking for a honey bee removal company, Shreveport pest control company, Bossier City Pest Control Company or a Pest Control Company in Bossier City or Pest Control Company in Shreveport?  Look no further; we can respond FAST if your problem is honeybees, bats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks or opossum!  WE SAVE HONEY BEES – WE DO LIVE HONEYBEE REMOVAL – LIVE HONEY BEE REMOVAL – LIVE BEE REMOVAL.  If you are interested in Bat Houses for mosquito control or mosquito management you have landed in the right place! We can build you a custom Batbox based on the tried and proven Rock Box design.



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Bat, Armadillo, Honey Bee, Squirrel, and Raccoon removal vehicle

One of our Wildlife Control vehicles in Shreveport LA

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

We are a SDVOSB/VOSB prepared to take care of your immediate wildlife removal needs.  Our Emergency Response Trailer is stocked and ready to handle all wild animal, rodent and wildlife control problems.  We are usually able to respond to your call quickly without having to come back to the office for supplies.  




How to Get Rid of Bats

Bat teeth, bat bite, do bats bite?

If you ever had a question about a bat’s ability to bite and if it might hurt…just a little!Bat Removal, Bat Control


How do bats get in the attic? I have a bat in the house! Why are bats inside my house? It’s a fact of life that bats do enter homes that are not properly sealed up. The biggest problem is that most homeowners realize too late that bats are in their attic because their home was poorly built by design or one of the building trade craftsman left a small gap and bats have moved in to the walls, attic or soffit.  One of the service technicians from the telephone, cable, satellite or other in-home connected service companies left small gaps where they routed their cable, wires or pipes.  Since 3/8ths of an inch is big enough, any gap the size of a #2 pencil could be used by bats to enter the larger cavities in your attic, soffit or even behind the shutters of your home.  You may hear them moving around behind the walls or hear them vocalizing.  The high-pitched noises bats make can be difficult for some people to hear but the visual evidence they leave behind is hard to miss.  Bat guano, bat feces, bat droppings or bat poop; it’s all one and the same.  You might see it stuck to the outside wall or collected in an area on the driveway or sidewalk.  The other obvious thing bats leave behind is a smell like no other!  If bats are left alone and allowed to live in a house, they can cause major damage and the odor can become unbearable.  Bat bugs are another problem associated with having bats in your house.  Bat bugs are much like bed bugs and we know what a pain and hassle it is to have bedbugs! Any of these problems will leave you wondering how to get rid of bats or looking for bat repellent!

Bat Proofing

I have a bat in the house; how to get rid of bats – We offer Advanced Bat Control and specialize in the actual seal up of your home and getting the problem that you have encountered under control.  We perform Bat Inspections which will help us find your home’s defects so we can seal them in order to get rid of your bat problem and back it up with a written guarantee in qualified homes.  I see bat poop on my driveway and walls!  Can I get bat bugs from bats? Health and odor issues associated with having bats inside a building are no joke!  Waiting to see how long they will stay?  They will stay as long as you let them in most cases in the South!  With our mild winters, there is little reason to migrate elsewhere.  Prevention is the key to keeping bats out of your home.

Humane Bat Removal

How to get a bat out of your house. We only use humane bat removal, Live Bat Removal, bat control techniques in accordance with Bat Conservation International and use approved bat exclusion techniques using custom-made and commercial available one-way bat exit tubes, one-way valves and netting.  No mothballs, naphthalene, ultrasonic sound devices, or witchcraft! Bat Repellents and Home Remedies don’t work! Some jobs require a little more ingenuity than others.  The off-the-shelf bat valves just don’t cut it in all cases.  Having the experience and knowledge required to be able to “read” the signs is required to be able to bat-proof commercial buildings and homes; GUARANTEED! Call us, we have it covered!

Bat control done right!  Call (318)553-3006




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How to get rid of Armadillos

We provide armadillo control in the Shreveport Bossier City, Haughton Benton, Metropolitan Area! Armadillos dig under landscaping, swimming pools and can destroy underground cables and weaken driveways, sidewalks and foundations.  We provide armadillo removal and armadillo trapping services and can install digging barriers to prevent them from returning to your yard. Heavy-duty and sometimes specialized traps are utilized to trap armadillos.  Their burrows can be very destructive to a yard, digging up a flowerbed, digging holes under a sidewalk, roadway or foundation.  The nine-banded armadillo, which is our resident species, can not roll up into a ball and roll away. But they can ruin a yard FAST.  We are here to get rid of armadillo problems.  No shotgun required!

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Honeybees in the house, honeybees in the wall

This is an example of what you might be facing if you have honey bees living in your wall.

Live Honeybee Removal

We are often asked “Who can remove honey bees from my house?”, “Who gets honeybees out of walls?”  andHow to get rid of bees” We offer professional and insured removal services for eco-friendly Live Honeybee Removal and we hive the bees after removal and relocate them on our own property.  Many times a “cut out” needs to be performed in order to remove the honey and brood combs from the walls of structure.  All of our bee removal work is professionally done instead of simply “trapping out” the honey bees or spraying unwanted pesticides on them.  Swarms are captured live and relocated as well. Having a swarm attached to a tree, shrub, wall, car or window can be a bit frightening but with one call, we can come out and put and end to your fears and relocate the honey bees alive.

Eco-friendly Honeybee Removal

We Do Not Use Pesticides to remove Honeybees!  By removing the honey and combs and disinfecting and sanitizing the wall voids, we are able to help prevent ants or other insects from entering your home to rob the honey and comb and to eliminate the possibility of honey running down the wall and into the floor and honeybee brood rot seeping through the interior walls of your home and causing a horrible rotten odor.  The honeycomb and honey must be removed from the wall void to eliminate future problems.  If you neglect this step, you are asking for trouble!  Call a “hobby bee keeper” if you want a quick temporary fix.  Call a free honey bee removal guy if you want to do this again next year.

If you want a Professional and Permanent Solution…  Call (318)553-3006




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Why should you hire a Wildlife Control Professional?

If you look on the internet these days you’ll find that many people out there claim to have a solution to your squirrel, bat or other wildlife control problem.  Truth is, most don’t have a clue how to handle a wildlife control issue!  They throw a bag of mothballs at the problem and call it good or try to sell you some good for nothing ultrasonic sound gadget that does nothing more than provide a good place for a bat to poop on.  The latest bit of customer trickery I’ve found in an attic was a spray can lid filled with sunflower seeds and surrounded with pepper-based gel.  Now how is that supposed to convince a squirrel to leave your attic? Why would they do that?  Because most pest control companies lack the experience needed in finding the cause of your nuisance wildlife or animal control problem. They don’t see the tell-tale signs that we look for when we see your home for the first time. Many of my clients have reported to me that the pest control companies they called before contacting me said that they do not go in attics.  Now tell me how you can figure out what is going on and report to the client if you never go in the attic other than to open the attic door and throw in some poison?  What are they going to say when you call them about that dead animal smell you now have as a result of the poison they threw in your attic?  I’ll tell you; most likely they will say they don’t remove dead animals. They might even try to talk you out of removing the dead animal with a statement such as “The smell will only last a couple of weeks”.  Obviously, if it were their house, this would be a different story!  Dead animals stink!  It is a skill set they do not possess and they aren’t willing to step outside their safety zone.  In other words it is not their problem.  You may have hired them to kill the rat or mouse and they did that.  The fact that the rat or mouse is now dead in your walls is your problem. Be careful who you hire and be aware of just how they are going to solve your problem We trap  squirrels and remove them from your attic so there can be no dead animal smell as the result of poisoning.

How did the animal get in my attic?

We inspect all vents, around all dormers, ingress and egress of all pipes, cables and electrical wiring leading into your home.  Sometimes a new wildlife problem can be caused by a technician in another trade who didn’t properly seal up a hole they had to make in your house or gable end vent for Dish or Satellite cable routing for instance.  If a raccoon can get their hands under a poorly installed vent or eave they can grab it and either bend it or remove it to create a future nesting location for bats, birds, squirrels, pigeons, rats, mice or opossums.  Some animals just use the gaps which were left behind as a result of poor home construction techniques.  Soffit panels cut short are the number 1 entry point for squirrels. Some animals are so small they can use gaps which were intentionally left in the house for attic ventilation.  These types of “condensation gaps” can not be sealed but must have screen installed over or in them instead to preserve the intent of the attic ventilation system. If this is done wrong, you could end up with a mold problem as the result of trapped moisture.  We locate and repair these entrances with quality materials which can not normally be breached by wildlife.  Our animal-proofing service is backed by a 2-year guarantee on qualified homes!

How to get rid of squirrels in my attic –  How to get rid of raccoons in my attic

Squirrels and raccoons must be trapped and relocated from the area to better assure that they will not attempt to enter your attic again once the holes sealed or blocked off.  Squirrels and rats will chew the insulation off of your electrical wires, so immediate action is a really good idea.  House fires caused by squirrels and rats chewing the insulation off electrical wires are VERY COMMON!  Don’t be the next victim!

What are the noises in my attic? What animals can live in an attic? 

Isn’t too hot for a squirrel or rat to live in my attic in the summer?  Nope!  If you have air conditioning, so can they!  I routinely look for and find holes which have been chewed into the ductwork in attics.  Rats and squirrels can have all the comforts of Your Home in Your Attic!  The cool air You are paying for is now creating their own private resort with nice soft insulation and a climate controlled nest!

Strange noises in your attic could be a squeaking attic fan or something live; let us figure that out for you. You might have been invaded by rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, or even skunks or birds.  Wildlife or rodents living in the attic is worse than just a little intrusion on your property; you are likely dealing with an animal that loves to chew the insulation off electrical wires which leaves them bare and can cause a house fire! Numerous house fires are attributed to wildlife, rodent and animal damage every year.

Don’t let the next  rodent-related house fire be yours! 

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Dead Animal Removal

It smells like something is dead in my house.  Who can remove a dead animal? 

Unfortunately, there comes a time when all good things must come to an end.  OK, so maybe a rat isn’t such a good thing, but none the less, it must perish just as all living creatures do.  Why the rodent picked your house to die in, we may never know.  Sometimes squirrels find their way into the attic and fall down between the wall studs.  For some critters, that is the end; they can’t climb up the wall so they eventually die.  If you act quickly we can get it out alive, but if it is too late and now things are starting to smell we can help you with that problem too. With the assistance of a FLIR E30 Thermal Imaging Camera we can find a squirrel, raccoon, or even rat or mouse pups before they die from starvation or dehydration and eventually die and stink up your home. When dead animals are the issue, we can locate and remove the carcass then disinfect and deodorize the area like it was never there.  If your neighbor did you a favor and trapped and killed a skunk for you (and it returned the favor by spraying him) we can take care of the dead animal removal and skunk spray deodorization too.  Our job is to return things back to normal with as little impact on your routine as possible.

Large Carcass Removal

There is no way to flower this statement up, Dead animal removal is a nasty job.  We do the job you don’t want to do by removing and disposing of dead animal carcasses.  We are capable of removing dead deer, cattle, cows, horses, donkeys, etc.  Large and heavy animals are no obstacle.  Call us to handle your problem and we will remove the animal carcass and dispose of it properly in accordance with State Guidelines.

How to get rid of a dead animal inside walls 

By the time you start to smell a dead animal in your wall, the animal has started to decay and break down.  The bacteria that are causing that transformation are going to cause the temperature to rise on that carcass.  Under most conditions we can use a FLIR E30 Thermal Imaging Camera and other video observation scopes to assist us in finding the right location and not making a mess of your walls searching for a dead animal.  Time is not on your side when it comes to dead animal removal.  Under the right conditions, a dead animal “might” dry up and stop stinking.  However, under different conditions, the dead animal might turn into a liquid rancid “soup” which is very disturbing in a few different ways.  Nothing quite smells like a liquid opossum under a trailer lying dead on top of the insulation blanket under the floor (this is very common).

How are dead animals disposed of?  What can I do with a dead pet?

We dispose of animal carcasses in a sanitary manner and are respectful of any sensitivities your family may have. If you have a dead pet, we can help you remove and bury or transport it to its final resting place or pet crematory, you can count on us.

If you have a dead animal or dead pet problem, please call.


Animal Damage Repair

Who can repair the damage caused by squirrels?  We can repair damage to soffits, fascia boards where squirrels have chewed through to get in the attic.  How are holes repaired to keep animals out of my attic?  We use a variety of techniques and materials to ensure the invader will not return and chew through again.  We have repaired squirrel and rat damage in numerous Shreveport and Bossier City homes and WE KNOW WHAT WORKS and what does not!  Nobody knows more about preventing future animal damage than an Animal Damage Control “ADC” specialist.  We repair animal damage for a living and unlike your handyman or carpenter, will give you a Written Guarantee on qualified homes.  We use our extensive knowledge of wildlife behavior & experience in working with nuisance wildlife to select the right materials for the job and put an end to animal damage to your home.  Letting your local handyman “fix the hole” usually results in the animals coming back the next year; I’ve seen it done time after time.  Have the holes repaired right the first time.  Call (318)553-3006

What causes animal damage?

Animal Damage Repair is a big part of the animal damage control work we do for our clients. Common animal damage occurs because of missing or corroded gable-end vent screens, missing ridge vent end caps and loose dryer vents. Missing or faulty chimney caps, faulty construction techniques, rotten fascia boards behind leave-packed gutters, tree limbs too close to the roof area of your home can be a clear invitation for wildlife or animals to enter your home or attic.  We can help you get all these things repaired and back in order.

How to Animal-Proof a house

The list is extensive on why you may have a wildlife control or nuisance wildlife removal problem. We repair the damage and back our work with a 2-year guarantee with our Wildlife Protection Warranty on qualifying homes. Our Wildlife Prevention Program is our animal-proofing solution for squirrel proofing, rodent proofing and bat proofing on qualifying homes only. You don’t have to worry about being stuck with fly by night, here today – gone tomorrow companies which pop up to make a quick buck then disappear when you really need them.

Please think of us FIRST; we are your ADC Experts. 


Bat Guano, Rat droppings, Raccoon toilets all are health hazards in an attic

Fecal matter from raccoons/rats and bat guano present a health hazard and need to be cleaned up and sanitized.

Attic cleanup / Attic restoration

How to get rid of bat guano – Who can remove raccoon droppings from my attic?  Here is a job that is worse than dead animal removal.  Make a wrong move here and you could end up extremely ill or worse!  Bats, Squirrels, Rats and Raccoons defecating and urinating all over your attic insulation is a health hazard! No matter your concern wether it be raccoon roundworm, histoplasmosis, hantavirus, bad odors or bad smells, we can solve your Attic Clean up problems!  The soiled insulation is removed along with the bat guano and rat droppings.  The affected area is treated with sanitizer, disinfectant and deodorizer to make it safe for you and your family. New insulation is then blown into the newly cleaned attic and your problems are over.  Whether your problem is a colony of bats in the house or raccoons in the attic, we can take care of that problem for you!

We can help you file an insurance claim which may cover the cost associated with repairs of damage caused by mammals such as bats or raccoons.  See your policy. 





Bird and Pigeon Control

How to get rid of pigeons- Who can remove pigeon droppings? Our team is Factory-Trained Authorized Installers of Bird-B-Gone products; we know how to read the clues wildlife leave behind. Our extended family of bird abatement technicians are Factory-Trained Authorized Installers of Bird Barrier ProductsNo matter what kind of bird or pigeon problem you might have, we have you covered with these two industry-leaders in Bird Control problems!

Bird Control Solutions

Yes, we take care of pigeon and other bird control problems.  The three most common pest bird species locally are the European Starling, House Sparrow and the Rock Pigeon. We offer a variety of bird control methods such as bird spikes, nets, shock strips.  There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to bird control.  A variety of bird control methods must be used or the program will likely fail.  We tailor the best bird control program to our customers specific needs.  When you need to know who can install bird netting and bird spikes, who traps pigeon or who can remove birds from a grocery store, all you need to know is Wildlife Abatement can!

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Beaver Trapping

Beaver trapped LIVE

Beaver cause millions of dollars worth of damage to bridges, road right-of-ways and their aggressive tree-destroying behavior cause thousands of acres of land to flood every year.  Beaver are rodents and can multiply just like their little semi-aquatic cousins the muskrats.  We offer professional beaver trapping and have a thing or too for that shy beaver.  We offer Live Beaver Removal at the customer’s request.  We offer year-round beaver management and use the best management practices available whether your property sits on a river, bayou, lake or pond.

Coyote Trapping

We trap coyote, fox and other predator species. We are often called in after a pet has been attacked and killed and hired to find the offending coyote and remove them permanently.  We have the solutions to end your coyote problems.

Digging Barriers

Dig DeFence Animal Control is a product made with galvanized US steel used to prevent animals from digging under a fence, structure, building skirt, roadway or runway.  It is designed strong and will last a long, long time.

This is a product that sells itself!  Unless you enjoy paying for frequent animal removal or wildlife control services or really love hunting down your dog that continually digs out from under the fence, this product is for you assuming your yard is fenced-in!  This is the “missing link” which extends your fence’s protection under the ground without digging trenches, pouring cement and burying wire.

Call us for a demonstration of its potential on your property! (318)553-3006



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How to get rid of Moles (in the yard)

We provide intensive gopher and mole trapping of your entire population and most properties corrected within the first 15 days. We offer low-cost regular gopher and trapping maintenance programs where we regularly inspect your property for mole or gopher presence or damage and begin trapping right away. We love trapping for moles and gophers.

How to get rid of Gophers

Northwestern Louisiana is home to one member of the pocket gopher family, the Baird’s Pocket Gopher, geomys breviceps which females can breed and deliver two litters  of 1-4 young or simply twice a year in Jan and Sept. So anyone can expect an increase in activity as the nursing mother requires more nourishment to nurse her young and then the young leaving the nest and searching for their own little plot of land area to destroy the roots of grass and garden bulbs. We know how to get rid of gophers and moles. We offer complete gopher trapping removal service

Who can catch a raccoon that is getting in my house or in my attic?

Raccoons can tear out the sheathing under your shingles and move into your attic faster than about any other nuisance wildlife we have. They are very strong and crafty but can also cause a great deal of damage to your attic by making a toilet out of it. Urine and fecal matter accumulations cause a health hazard for you and your family or office workers.

How to get rid of Raccoons

Raccoon damage comes in many ways and always starts by raccoons being seen in the area, raccoons seen on the roof line, raccoons digging up grubs in the yard, raccoons tearing up the lawn or raccoons in the chimney.  The biggest complaint is always raccoons in the attic, concerns regarding raccoons and rabies and whether or not a young child or family pet should require special attention if there are raccoons living the house. We Live Trap Raccoons, remove, control, catch and capture raccoons and any other nuisance wildlife. Who can catch a raccoon?

If you have raccoons in the chimney or raccoons in the attic…

Call (318)553-3006



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How to get rid of Squirrels

Squirrels have a unique way of entering attics and homes or trailers in Shreveport Bossier City LA.  Many times squirrels can chew through a little foam insulation board behind your home’s siding to gain entry into the wall void.  Once it enters the walls, it has the free reign to move around inside your house including your attic.  Other ways inside include the holes which are cut into the floor of trailers or homes on pier and beam type conventional foundations.  The squirrels don’t need a very large opening to gain entry inside.  Some of the mistakes folks make in trying to get rid of squirrels is to poison them.  Over the years people have been told that once a rodent is poisoned, it will seek water outside of your home and die outside.  This is not always to case.  I have removed many dead rodents from attics and within walls because they died inside.  You may not even be the one that fed them the poison but your are now stuck with the odor of a dead animal.  So, what else can be done?  Squirrels can be trapped live and removed from your property!  When the squirrels are removed from the property you have visual proof that the rodents are gone, not a guess.  Trapping squirrels in Shreveport Bossier City is more or less a seasonal problem which typically really gets going around August/Sept but will continue as long as it is cool outside.  There are extreme cases where the squirrels never seem to leave if given the right conditions, food and water.   If you have squirrels or believe you have a squirrel problem, please call for an appointment today to put an end to the infestation.  We can also seal up the home to prevent an infestation from happening again.  Why pay to have squirrels trapped year after year?  Get the problem solved and the house sealed up to put an end to the problem.

Call (318)553-3006


Squirrel Removal

We are professional squirrel trappers, not squirrel exterminators and can handle any squirrel in attic, squirrel in the wall, scratching noise in the attic, scratching on the ceiling, scratching in the wall or noises in attic you may have. Baby squirrels in the attic, noises in the attic in the morning.

Squirrel Damages

Cold weather really kicks those squirrels into high gear and puts them on high alert looking for a nice cozy attic to call their own.  Flying squirrels can be tough to exclude.  A flying squirrel exclusion has to be as methodical as a bat exclusion.  Squirrels will chew the insulation off your electrical wiring and will cause fires.  It happens more often than your might think!  Squirrels get blamed for house fires all the time.  Don’t allow squirrels to live in your attic!  We also specialize in squirrel management.  If you are getting overrun with “tree rats” we can offer a solution to your problem.  Don’t risk them getting a little to familiar with your attic! Who can catch the squirrels in my attic?

Kick them out now! To discuss a system which will be tailored to your situation…

Call (318)553-3006



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How to get rid of Skunks and Odor

Skunks are of course famous for their skunk odor and just getting a skunk away from your home does bring peace of mind and smells better too. Skunks can dig under the foundation of your home, under fences or any part of your landscaping.  They can leave digging signs in any area of your yard  including the garden, shrubs, trees and even tear up a lawn digging up some of a favorite skunk foods like grubs or the larvae of beetles in the soil of your lawn.

We Live Trap Skunks and relocate them where they can cause no more harm.

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Photographer: LA Dawson Animal courtesy of Aus...

Photographer: LA Dawson Animal courtesy of Austin Reptile Service. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snake Removal

Snakes are often misunderstood and rarely pose any threat if they are simply left alone. The key operative word is left “alone”. Give them space, keep children and pets away and they usually will leave in minutes to an hour or two.  We often are called upon to remove snakes from inside structures like office buildings, homes, restaurants, apartment and condominium buildings, garages, medical facilities and most anywhere snakes and humans run into conflicts.

Snake Wrangler

We are often called by movie producers, stunt coordinators or locations coordinators in the local area as a “Snake Wrangler” to remove a snake hazard, Live Trap Snakes or sweep an area for snakes to ensure the safety of the crew and cast.  All snakes are caught live and relocated to Steve’s Snaketuary in Shreveport LA. 

Venomous Snakes in Louisiana

We can assist you with the removal and identification of any snake species domestic or exotic, venomous or non-venomous .  Please call us for any Canebreak Rattlesnake, Copperhead, Cottonmouth, Water Moccasin, Pygmy Rattlesnake, Texas Coral Snake, Black Snake, Water Snake, Milk snake, Rat Snake, Brown Snake, Green Snake or any snake concern up or your family members may have.

If you need snake removal, a snake trapper or Snake Wrangler in North West Louisiana…

Please give us a call at (318)553-3006



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Full Service Wildlife Control

We trap and remove problem wild animals, we do a lot of other dirty work that few other companies would even do including dead animal removal, pigeon poop or pigeon dropping cleanup, bat guano removal, mouse droppings, decontamination, animal damage repairs, below ground rodent fencing, and odor control for skunk spray.

We get rid of problem critters such as bat, bird, beaver, coyote, fox, muskrat, opossum, otter, raccoon, skunk , squirrel, skunk, honeybees, rats, mice or other nuisance varmints and critters. We trap and relocate armadillo in the flowerbed, bats in the attic, squirrels in attic, squirrels in the walls, beaver in ponds, snake in the house, raccoons grubbing in your lawn, bees in the house, bees in the walls and skunks from stinking up the family dog. We are full service nuisance wildlife control company that offers professional services such as dead animal removal, fecal removal, skunk odor removal and animal damage control and animal damage repairs to include raccoon and squirrel proofing most homes!




Bee Bat Bird Wildlife Removal

We take care of conflicts with HoneyBees, Birds, BATS, Squirrels and other Wildlife.  We resolve conflicts with armadillos, dead animals, honeybees, dead animals, bees, opossums, gophers, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and snakes.

Our Service Area

Our Nuisance Wildlife Control Service area covers North Louisiana including Shreveport LA, Bossier City LA, Minden LA, Mansfield LA, Barksdale Air Force Base LA, BAFB, Haughton LA, Keithville LA, Greenwood LA, Stonewall LA, Elm Grove LA, Ringgold LA, Blanchard LA, Doyline LA, Benton LA, Coushatta LA, Grambling LA, Grambling State University, Ruston LA, Louisiana Tech University, Monroe LA, West Monroe LA, University of Louisiana Monroe, Many LA, Longstreet LA, Logansport LA, Zwolle LA, Alexandria LA, Natchitoches LA, LSU, Louisiana State University, LA, Alexandria LA,  Tallulah LA, St Joseph LA and Ferriday LA,  Bats Control is offered State-Wide in LA.

Parishes Serviced: Bossier, Caddo, Red River, De Soto, Bienville, Webster, Claiborne, Union, Sabine, Vernon, Lincoln, Jackson, Ouachita, Richland, East Carroll, Madison, Franklin, Caldwell, Tensas, Winn, La Salle, Grant, Sabine, Natchitoches, Calcasieu, Cameron, Vermilion

Wildlife Abatement, LLC

Professional Nuisance Wildlife Management

Bat Control


Rob McKay Owner/Operator

Licensed & Fully Insured




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